Programming Tutorials

Beginning Tutorials (C) 9.27.2001 Compilers and Your First Program<-Updated
9.27.2001 Data Types, Operations, Input and Functions<-Updated
9.27.2001 Decision Making, Arrays, and Output<-Updated
Windows Tutorials Coming Soon
DirectX Tutorials 9.29.2001 DirectDraw Tutorial - Setup and Tear Down<-Update
9.29.2001 DirectDraw - Drawing Stuff!<-New!

Note: These tutorials are not meant to replace books on C and C++. They are meant to enhance the reader's
understanding of the subject and to give clarification of possible stumbling points in the programming process.
Please accept them as such. If anyone has anything specific they want me to write about, please tell me so by sending
me an email. Thanks.

Speaking of books, below is a listing of books that I have used or am currently using to learn programming. Be warned, some of them are quite advanced and would be quite confusing were you to pick them up as your first book. I will later on add links to Amazon and the like, where you can buy them, as well as difficultly level so you can know where to start.

Name Subject Difficulty
ANSI C C Beginner
Windows Game Programming For Dummies Windows and DirectDraw Beginner/Moderate
Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus Windows and DirectDraw Moderate
OpenGL SuperBible Windows and OpenGL Moderate
OpenGL Red Book, online version OpenGL Moderate
Java Programming For Dummies Standard Java Beginner
Java in a Nutshell Java Beginner/Moderate
Game Programming Gems Game Coding Theory and Algorithms Advanced