Game Development

DISCLAIMER, because it's a legal "thing"
I am not responsible for any harm these programs may cause. While they have been tested quite a bit to ensure that they are not destructive, there is a chance that something could happen. In short, use at your own risk. I'm sorry that I even have to say this, but in our sue-happy society who knows what could happen.





These are my major projects currently in the works.
From here you can access what I have so far and send your input on the matter.

DOS Section (Very old now) An animated stickman program using basic pcx loading and buffers A fire demo displaying a "stove-top" like blue flame Scrolling background using the arrow keys using a map location recognition system A basic map program using different tiles and transparency
MCGA.txt My MCGA graphics library (320x200x8)
VESA.txt My VESA graphics library (640x480x8)

Windows Section A 3D cube constructed without the aid of a 3D API Same cube, but this time spinning without a 3D API A random polygon screensaver written in the Windows API with the standard GDI

DirectX Section A 2D map loading program including the ability to walk around using the arrow keys The room program from above, but this time with a disco-style floor with constantly shifting colors. My first (almost) full game including a loading screen, high scores, lives/shields, enemies, difficulty levels and other cool features. The first released demo of my Final Fantasy style RPG, Project Dewdrop. For the most current released info, head over to that page The Tim Time Waster, a clone of the everlasting game Breakout, named for a Breakout-addicted friend of mine. A short demo that contains a simple algorithm to have a point encircle the halo of an object, instead of smacking into it.

OpenGL Section Rotating 3D colored, smooth shaded polygons A rotating, color shiftable sphere. For info on the equations for this sphere, see the GameMath section OpenGL 3D rendered missile. Check out the included readme file for instructions on how to use various features I've added in