Last update: 9.27.2001

I'm back- Okay, we're back up to full productivity here! I've updated the DirectDraw tutorial 1 (DD Creation) and added in lots of new stuff into that one. It's probably about 4 times as long now! I've also added a new DirectDraw tutorial on how to draw pixels on the screen using DirectDraw as well as how to do double buffering. There are a few more in the works now, so hold on and I'll get them out!
Okay, after a long period of slow work (grrrr...) and national politics, I have finished the first round of site upgrades. I have added several new demos, updated the 3 starter C tutorials (or, rather, made them MUCH better), and added some new links.
You will notice as well that the background is different. I have plans to add several more tutorials over the next week or two, as well as possibly adding a Java applet page. Let me know how you like the new look and content and your ideas. Thanks!
Hey everybody-
I'm working on updating this site after a very (read: VERY) slow summer of inactivity, so bear with me and hopefully will soon see a new period of growth and usefulness. Thanks and I hope to have this fully up to date very shortly! For details on what I hope to have overhauled, check out the "New" section

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